What we're about

Who wants to drink cocktails and talk about God?

The purpose of Minds and Spirits is to create a community of like-minded individuals who share a desire for richer life experiences, a deeper understanding of ourselves, more coping strategies for life’s struggles and a general feeling of connectedness who will meet to discuss God/Goddess/Spirit and Faith in a curious, respectful, non-judge mental environment.

This may be the group for you if:

You are a smart, savvy individual trying to make sense of the crazy times we are experiencing

You are curious about spirituality but don’t know where to start OR have a background in Unity, Religious Science, Metaphysics, A Course in Miracles, etc.

You consider yourself a “Person of Faith” but maybe don’t know how to articulate how your Faith is evolving

You have a desire to be a part of a spiritual community that doesn’t judge you

You roll your eyes when people start talking about “consciousnesses,” enlightenment,” and “sacred healing,” but secretly wish to know what all the fuss is about

It annoys you when you see people co-opting “spirituality” as the newest fashion trend. #blessed #woke #thehouseofintuitionismynewboo

You feel like something small but important is missing from your friendships

You want to practice a more deliberate, honest, purposeful and yes, mindful way of living

You recently read a thoughtful book on spirituality/love/psychology that you wish you had someone to discuss it with

You wish that someone held you accountable to the spiritual work you are studying

And when you think about all of this spirituality stuff, you also wish there was a mug of beer/whiskey/coffee/wine in your hand!

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