Monthly Meetup - Our Agenda to be announced.

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Every 1st Saturday of the month

Needs a location


• What we'll do
Our Launch Party is on February 3rd. For the following months, our agenda will be announced 3 weeks in advance, so you can plan to attend. Always bring a friend and introduce them to your group.

Meet and greet your organizer and the members of the group. I look forward to meeting all of you! See you there!

• What to bring
Bring your passion, your joy, positive expectation, eager anticipation, and excitement for all you have wanted and asked for is unfolding before you. You asked and it is already here. You are the art of allowing!

• Important to know
You have come to experience an awesome life by your own design. Meet others that will contribute to your motivation & inspiration to co-create an extraordinary life that you are desiring. Be awed at how your life is presenting you the right people, the circumstances, the places & things that will bring you the ideas and resources that you have already summoned to you. Be the cooperative component of this extraordinary life. Show up because only you can do that. Be Extraordinary on Purpose!

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