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dc edwards reading at Dreamhaven Books

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dc edwards reading at Dreamhaven Books


dc edwards is a writer, Afrofuturist and pop culture junkie. Her first novel Bright City, debuted in April 2017. dc edwards has a somewhat healthy obsession with Lego Minifigures, any character that has powers--she can't choose between DC and Marvel, and the Assassins Creed video game series--her favorite one being Black Flag). dc participates in the #8Sunday Weekend Writing Warriors challenge where you have to write a story or an excerpt of something you're working on in 8-10 sentences. Check her out at She lives in St. Paul with her partner and their two weird cats.

Reading starts at 6:30, post reading reception to be determined at the reading. Hope to see you there!
DreamHaven Books
2301 E 38th St · Minneapolis, MN
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