What we're about

A place for ADULT Aspergers individuals and their care-takers (spouses, family, friends, partners, lovers...) to meet and discuss whatever the group needs. This group will evolve in a positive and safe pace for all concerned to be connected. A place for a care-takers to take a break from the grind that often comes with an adult Aspergers individual. I am starting from scratch. I invite any suggestions. I have an adult ASD husband. Bridge lessons may be a future event. Just a social pace to talk and meet and start from there. Depending on the number of people interested I will begin finding a good location. To start we can meet at a conference room at my building. AGAIN, this is thought and feel there have to be people who could need such a group. I once was a participant in an Aspergers Wives Support group. It was wonderful, but no longer meets.

Upcoming events

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