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If you enjoy dinner soirees, cocktail parties, private picnics, cozy teas, wine tastings, or any form of getting to know others in a smaller setting, please consider joining our Meetup. If you enjoy planning and/or attending gatherings that encourage uplifting conversation over delicious food this Meetup is for you to try. Each host and party will have it's own flavor. There are many possibilities. Because of the smaller nature of our gathers and the work and cost put into them, it is important that we do not have no-shows or late dropouts. Of course we understand emergencies. Your contribution to these gathers could be a dish to share, a bottle of wine, cash, etc. Try us out, you will be impressed by those you meet and have a chance to know in a quieter more intimate setting.

Lately, we have also included a few bigger events, but with a theme to each gathering. (i.e Murder Mystery, Christmas White Elephant)

We look forward to meeting you.

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Photo Scavenger Hunt along the Mississippi

City House


We will meet at The City House-Red Rivier Kitchen in downtown St. Paul. The Kitchen is under new management and may have a name change, but for now, it is the Red River Kitchen. http://www.redriverkitchen.com/city-house There you will break up into teams of no more than 4 people. After the teams are made (you can make your own, if you want), you will be given a list of clues and rules in order to find landmarks along the Mississippi from downtown St. Paul to downtown Minneapolis. After questions are answered, each team will get into one car and figure out the clues and then go and take a picture of each landmark. After accomplishing this you will head back to The City House. First team back with the most correct answers will win. (Prizes will be fabulous!) What each team will need: 1. A car, if you don't drive you will be asked to help with gas. 2. A safe driver 3. A phone that can take good pictures 4. The anticipation of a fun time! We will meet back at the City House and enjoy an early happy hour/supper. The $2.00 fee is for the fabulous prizes!

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