What we're about

MAII (Minneapolis Area Interfaith Initiative) is a group of lay and clergy volunteers from the Greater Minneapolis area who are committed to increasing interfaith understanding, organizing interfaith programming and encouraging personal relationships across faiths in Greater Minneapolis. We involve a diversity of faith communities as well as various parts of Greater Minneapolis. MAII is a member of Twin Cities Interfaith Network (TCIN) and North American Interfaith Network (NAIN).

Religion is a core identity for many people. The religions of the world have many common values that could be built on to solve local and international issues. Too often the differences between religions and within religions are used to polarize and foster discrimination, fear, and hate.

Religious demographer John Mayer estimates that 10% of the Twin Cities population is Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish or Hindu. The world has come to Minneapolis. We will all benefit from an increase in interfaith understanding and personal relationships. Perhaps some of that spirit can even carry over to other parts of the world.

MAII Objectives

1. Increase interfaith understanding and personal relationships across faiths in Greater Minneapolis in order to build a stronger, more peaceful and more respectful community.

2. Educate the public in Greater Minneapolis about local religious traditions, with emphasis on the major world religions. Focus on common values as a way to unite to solve problems locally and throughout the world.

3. Strive to understand and respect religious differences, without needing to come to agreement or seeking to convert.

Past events (15)

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