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This is a group for the cave people out there looking for a supportive community with whom they can hang out, share yummy food and recipes, talk about CrossFit ;), and encourage each other to eat whole, clean, healthy foods!

The plan for the time being is to establish a time and place for a regular potluck, where everyone will bring a Paleo dish to share. And since it's warming up out there, I'm on the hunt for an outdoor location.

For anyone unfamiliar with the Paleo lifestyle, it consists of eating only foods that our Paleolithic ancestors would have had access to. So:

Dos: Meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds.

It does not allow modern, processed, bad-for-you foods. So:

Don'ts: Sugar, grains, dairy, processed anything, legumes.

The following is one of my favorite books about Paleo eating, if you're interested in the more science-y side of things:

I also love this cook book! Along with having some fun and different recipes, it also outlines a simple way to make meal planning less of a hassle:

And of course Google can lead you down any rabbit hole you could possibly want to jump into :)

I look forward to meeting everyone!

"Let food be thy medicine."

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