Past Meetup

FREE ROLL!!! Monticello Poker Weekend

Hosted by Minneapolis Rounders - Poker Meetup Group

Public group

Jason Place

email address before tourny... · Monticello, MN

How to find us

35 miles NW Minneapolis I94--Feel free to ask for car pools

Location image of event venue


Rounders Who can you say FREE ROLL?

Let the fun begin Everyone loves something for free right???

1000 starting chips--For free

OK DEEP STACK YOUR STYLE? How about 11,500 chips?

Here is how....

Bonus: 500 chips if you arrive before 715! Cell phone time (Verizon)

--Inside and ready to buy--Needs to start on time--Being early pays off!

Late: -500 chips--You will not be blinded in on top of that

(No late entries after 8:00 pm please and thanks!)

Optional Add on's up to 6--

$10 for 1500 chips (9000 total)

Add 6 Bonus if not late 1000 chips!!!--For anyone not late and adding max add on's. Lets build that POT

Payouts 1st 45% 2nd 35% 3rd 20%

Bring your own drinks

Optional Bring something to share--I will have some type of snacks for my fellow rounders.

Smoking outside

15 minute blinds Start 25-50 No Ante

[masked]--Break Color up green
[masked]-Break Color up 100 chips
[masked]-Break Color up 500 chips
[masked] + 5000 if needed-