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In these tournaments, $5 of each player's buy-in becomes his/her bounty. If you knock a player out, you'll instantly receive the bounty. The more players you knock out, the more you win.

Not only can you win by going deep into the tournament, but also if you leave casualties along the way.

No limit hold'em. Buy-in is $25 (with $5 of each player's buying becoming his/her bounty). The payouts are based on a percentage of the total prize pool.

If you're new, don't worry, more experienced players will help you learn. This is a laid-back fun atmosphere, please don't take it too seriously. It's just a game.


1-14 Players = 1st=50%: 2nd=30%: 3rd=20%

15+ Players = 1st=46%: 2nd=27%: 3rd=17%: 4th=10%

Each player starts the tournament with $2,000 in chips. The Blinds will go up every 20 minutes.

Smoking is allowed in the garage. Drinking, swearing, and BS allowed anywhere.

Shuffle up and deal!