What we're about

This group is for anyone in a pre-sales role within technology sales, from both the re-seller (VAR) world as well as the OEM companies.

I have started this group to more easily allow networking within ourselves as the community is obviously a small world. This will be mostly social in nature, but possibly OEMs will eventually be allowed to speak (short speaking times) in the future to defray costs for larger/fun events.

Events could be as simple as a longer weeknight happy hour to as large as hiring a band and reserving a venue - or a golf tournament, etc. Use your imagination. ;-)
Charity events could happen if we get large enough.

Other simple rules:

1) No clients to be discussed. This can get many people in trouble with current deals in flight, NDAs, etc.
2) No sales people. We spend enough time with them already.
3) No invites to customers or friends not in the industry (including +1's) - unless otherwise specified to be allowed in a given event.

**If you break any of these rules, (especially #1) - you may be asked to leave the event and/or group.

Technology focus areas would include networking, security, cloud, compute/hyper-converged, storage, backup and disaster recovery, collaboration as well as application performance management. Other areas may be added as needed due to attendance/interests. I think the VMUGs have Vmware pretty well covered already.

While the events will be in the Minneapolis/St Paul area we are also open to people in out-state MN and western Wisconsin.

Looking forward to planning events roughly every other month. Depending on how long it takes to get a group signed up, the first event could be as early as mid-March 2020.

Format and location will be flexible to start. With enough confirmed attendees, we should be able to get free/close to free venues.

All requests to join (if I don't know you) will be confirmed with an email conversation and/or a Linked-in profile link.

Please sign up so we can get this party started!

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