• Pay-Per-View Volunteer Training

    Needs a location

    Pay-Per-View is a powerful tool when advocating for the animals. People are offered $1.00 to view a short film about animals used for food. Volunteers are needed to help prepare the devices, guide, and help the viewers process what they have witnessed.

    If you would like to help people use this groundbreaking technology so they can go home with information about how changing their eating habits can make a huge difference for animals, the earth, and themselves, then sign up for training!

  • Volunteer Meeting & Potluck - Dissection Discussion

    Needs a location

    Join us for ARC's monthly volunteer meeting & potluck! Bring a vegan snack or treat to share with the group for the beginning of the meeting while we discuss upcoming events - social and activism opportunities.

    Since ARC will be attending Education Minnesota's 2022 MEA Conference on October 20th to speak with educators about alternatives to using animals in the classroom, we'll finish the meeting by discussing alternative options for dissection and hatching projects, the problems associated with animal research, organizations working to end animal experimentation, and more. We'll also have 3D models on-sight to see the hands on alternatives available to use in the classroom.

    You may want to bring your calendar as we'll have a lot of other events to share!

    Vegan snacks and beverages will be provided, but please bring something for the whole group to enjoy if you're able.

    All are welcome! You do not need to be vegan or vegetarian to attend ARC events.

  • Movie Screening - Cow

    Needs a location

    Cow is a 2021 British documentary film by Andrea Arnold, shot in cinéma vérité-style, portraying the life of a female dairy cow, called Luma, at Park Farm in Kent, England.

    Stay for a bit afterwards to chat about your impressions of the film.
    Free street parking readily available. Residential neighborhood. Parking lot off the alley holds about 20 cars.

    Popcorn and beverages provided.

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