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Trail Skate 1 and 2
What: Our beginning Trail Skate Clinic is an introduction to trail skating (TS 1 /2) operating every fourth Sunday of the month from May through September. Who: For individuals who are comfortably balanced while on skates and able to use the heel brake to a complete stop at mild to moderate speeds on flat terrain, but not on hills. Or, students who have successfully completed skate skills in our Improver Class; OSB 1 and 2; 3 is also helpful and not mandatory. What You Will Learn: Stopping on a hill (with an escort); managing speed on a hill (with an escort); skating up a hill (with and escort); successfully manage terrain changes with ease; using grass to slow or stop; applying ROBICHON’S SV defensive skate position; a pre-skate gear inspection, what to bring; apply terrain hazard negotiation skills from our proprietary OSB 1 and 2; to refine OSB 1 / 2 skate skills; trail etiquette; how to skate three miles around Lake Nokomis. Equipment: Bring skates and protective equipment (wrist, knee and helmet) or rent our equipment. Pricing: $45 for the class $55 with skate rental $57 for class, skates and protective equipment (sans helmet) Discount: You will receive a 10% discount as a member of Minnesota Skate Ventures; You will receive a $5 credit for every paying referral not currently in our database. Sponsor Robichon's Skate Ventures Professional Inline Skate Instruction for Kids and Adults. Space Limited: Sign up early, as space is limited. Register: We will send further details when you sign up at website.

Lake Nokomis Community Center

2401 East Minnehaha Parkway · Minneapolis

What we're about

Minnesota Skate Ventures is a leading inline skate educator and event company. Founded in the popularization place of inline skating, Minnesota, Minnesota Skate Ventures created numerous world first inline skate education programs; including the first comprehensive Outdoor Skate Basics course, the first recreational trail skate course, the first all women's skate camp, the first to skate in the Holidazzle and Aquatennial Parades! Among other specialties, we specialize in teaching new, struggling and veteran skaters how to skate or improve their skating. With us you can learn how to stop anywhere, at any speed, explore roller sports AND skate fantastic Minnesota trails and beyond.

Minnesota Skate Ventures is committed to growing the sport of inline skating by:

• providing exceptional recreational inline skate education for youth and adults from beginner to advanced.

• introducing new skaters and avid skaters to a broad spectrum of roller sport disciplines. Examples include; trail skating, speed, ramp, skate to ski cross-training, slalom, urban freestyle/dance, roller hockey, and skating for fitness.

• promoting safe inline skating in all of its disciplines

• keeping skaters informed of applicable current and upcoming events through emails

• and most importantly, having heart healthy skate ventures together!

Skate Ventures is operated by a combination of volunteer skate instructors/ trail guides and paid instructors / trail guides. If you are interested in helping us grow and promote roller sports, we would love to have you on board the skate train. Email us at info at skateventures dot com

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