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Catapult the Week: Weekly Online Goals & Accountability
Join us and Rock your Goals! Anyone can join us! Starts Sunday Sept 23rd at 8 pm - 8:30 pm Eastern Time This is a weekly online meeting to give everyone an opportunity to share their goals for the week with others and be personally accountable the following week. The rules of the group: 1. All members must identify themselves and participate. Anyone not doing so will be removed from the group. 2. The meeting will last 30 minutes sharp. 3. During the first 7 minutes, Terry will explain how to participate in the group for new members. 4. Each member will participate by: a. Answering questions in the polling box. For example: Did you accomplish your goal this week? b. Members will share in the chat section how they did on their goals for the week. c. Members will identify and share their goals for the next week in the chat. d. Members will be given the opportunity to speak for 1 min each about the week etc. e. Members can support each other in the chat room. You can participate by phone or computer and do it from anywhere. If you do not wish to be on video, turn off your video. Please keep your audio muted until your time to speak. Dial in weekly to this meeting: Looking forward to Rocking the World Together!! Terry Records & Jason Nordhougen

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If you are interested in buying, selling, rehabbing, investing or learning more about real estate in Southwest Florida (Fort Myers; Cape Coral; Bonita Springs; Estero; Naples etc), WELCOME to your new group!

Southwest Florida is the perfect climate for real estate investment right now, so we started this group to share knowledge and tips; meet up with others interested in real estate; and just get to know others with similar interests. We have been active investors in Minnesota and Southwest Florida for many years. Join our group and network with similar minded individuals...keep up to date on current trends in either market so that you are successful in real estate. We live full-time in Southwest Florida but travel back to the cities monthly to see kids and the grandkid:) Whether you are in MN or FL, we host live seminars to increase your real estate knowledge helping you make good real estate decisions. Our son, Adam Smith, is an active realtor and investor in MN, helps our clients with transitions. We also own a real estate brokerage in SWFL to help with your southerly needs as well as a property management company to ensure your property is managed with the utmost care.

Some topics we might explore include:
What are the latest trends? Are there any foreclosures left? How do I do a Vacation Rental Home? Can I afford it? What are the trends in pricing? What are the Current Market Anomalies? What are the latest statistics? Should I invest there? How do I manage it from MN? How do you estimate repairs on the property? Who can do repairs for me? Should I worry about Chinese Drywall? How do I create a Passive Income Stream? How do I find tenants and manage them? What is Market Timing? What should we expect to happen in the Real Estate Market today and near future? Land Land Everywhere....? How do you increase your rate of return on your investment? What is a tax-deferred exchange? How can I do it correctly? If I had a foreclosure or short-sale, how can I buy again? Interested in New construction? We love Southwest Florida and the Opportunities we have found here! We look forward to sharing our experience in an honest; straight-forward approach. Feel free to contact me directly for any of your personal needs outside of the group meetings. Terry Records and Jason Nordhougen We often have tours of homes...foreclosures; homes to rehab and tours of homes in the area to out-of-state clients. In addition, we have a meetup for Bonita Springs/Estero/Naples and one for Lehigh Acres depending on where you want to live and/or do your business. Southwest Florida is HOT!! Sizzling Hot with Real Estate...looking forward to meeting you!

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Complimentary Call to Discover Goals and Share Opportunities.

Terry and Jason have served over 3000 clients over the past 30 years, completed over 350 personal rehabs and are skilled in helping others build wealth with real estate. They are anything but typical! In the event you would like to explore your real estate dreams & goals, they are offering a Free Real Estate Investment Dream Discovery Call.

Jason and I are excited to have an opportunity to connect with you in a Discovery Call. Of course, this is a no obligation call where we explore the opportunity to work together. We are interested in your goals, and where you are at currently in your investment journey.

If you would like to schedule a Free1:1 appointment, please book a call here: . If you need a later date, please email .

After booking the call, you will be given a short questionnaire to complete that will help us make the most of our time. Times are limited. We will send you a link to join Terry Live on your personal computer.

Please plan on 30 to 45 minutes of undisturbed time.

Terry Records, Broker/Realtor/Investment Coach Nationwide

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