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Little Canada Book Club - "Worlds of Their Own" by Robert J. Schadewald.

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For our June meeting we will be discussing the book "Worlds of Their Own" ( by Robert J. Schadewald.

Lois Schadewald, Bob's sister and editor of the book, has graciously agreed to join us for this meeting. This will be a great opportunity to ask questions and get insights from her!

From Amazon Product Description:
"History is written by the winners, including that of science. Unorthodoxies that flourish at the grassroots are often beneath the contempt of historians. Zetetic astronomy (flat-Earth science) was a household term in Victorian England, but not a single reference to it is found in conventional histories. We ignore such histories at our peril.

Since the beginning of time, romancers have promoted pseudosciences -- their intellectual love children. Conceived on the wrong side of the blanket and born on the wrong side of the tracks, they usually die in obscurity. Before they do, they may cause genuine harm. So, how do we discern between pseudo and actual science? To fully understand what science is, we must understand what science is not. This book throws light on the difference, with a few laughs along the way.

Worlds of Their Own was compiled by Lois Schadewald, Bob's sister, an Iowa State University alum and science educator, who teaches chemistry at Normandale Community College in Minnesota. She spent her 2003-2004 sabbatical preparing Worlds of Their Own as a fitting tribute to her late brother."

Our future reading list includes:
"The Red Queen" ( by Matt Ridley
"SuperSense" ( by Bruce M. Hood
"Years of Rice and Salt" ( Kim Stanley Robinson

Due to the limited space available in the meeting room, "maybe" RSVPs will not be allowed. Please be sure to update your RSVP if your plans change.