What we're about

This is a social and support group for men and women to overcome pornography addiction. This is a secular, sex-positive group, not faith-based group. Instead of moral posturing or shaming, we educate about pornography's practical, negative consequences for you and those in your life.

This is not meant to be a primary means of recovery, but a supplement to therapy/12-step program with much less formality. We're not professionals, just some folks with a common goal to get over this together. There's no "beginning" session or course, so new members are free to attend at any time.

Meetings consist of a check-in, to see if anyone needs immediate feedback or advice. Following the check-in, we'll have a discussion about a topic (as shown in the meetup announcements) or do sample exercises from one of the many treatment methods out there.

We'll also co-host events and adventures to help replace the dopamine rush that porn used to give: hiking, hunting, paintball, martial arts, racing, weightlifting, sharing hobbies and skills.

We understand if you want to participate confidentially, *without* officially joining the group. Simply show up to the meetings, but please send a Direct Message so we know how many people to expect and verify the meeting is still on. Feel free to DM with any questions or concerns.

- Crimson9

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