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Chakra is an ancient science discovered by the sages and spiritual masters of India in 200 BC ,it was published in book names Yog sutras of Patanjali and than in 600 AD it was published in Sat chakra Nirupama & in 1990 it was published in a book called 'The Serpent power' written by Aurthur Avalon. which than spreaded like jungle fire in western countries.
Chakra just not represent our Energy centers but also represents our Physical , mental, emotional and financial condition. Each chakra comes with its lesson and it fundamental laws.
More we deep dive into its knowledge more we understands its Miracles and its power to evolve us as an higher being, Chakra holds all answers to our questions toward life, why we behave in certain way, why we hold grudges? why we fear of something? why we trust too much or cant trust?
why we get certain patterns,situations,circumstance in life ?
Topics to be covered in this workshop.

Introduction to chakra and its fundamental law
connection between chakras and life (emotional,physical&financial)
Superpowers of chakra
How to unblock and activate it
What is kundalini ( advantage and disadvantage)
Sound healing meditation

First 2 guest will get free chakra and energy diagnose report(worth$75)
50% in Chakra advance level workshop of 2 days.
and 20% off in healing with before and after report (worth $120)

Free event (Donation accepted)