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Friendly Functional Programming

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This meetup will be a space for all of us to explore different functional programming languages together. We want this to be open and welcoming for everyone, from people who have never used functional programming languages to those who have already mastered a few.

This time we will look at Clojure and ClojureScript, a Lisp dialect that runs on the JVM and on JavaScript runtimes respectively and as such a very interesting functional programming language.

First, Andrea will give us a small tour of the language, then Martin will talk about their experience switching to ClojureScript and Clojure from Elm and Elixir.

Andrea ( has a background in abstract mathematics, turned to software engineering through object oriented programming (Ruby/Python) and only lately embraced functional languages (Elixir/Clojure).

He will introduce you to Clojure and ClojureScript and advise you how to manage (your fear of) parenthesis.

Martin ( is a programmer with a degree in Physics. With his small team, he has been running Sauspiel, a web app for the traditional German card game Schafkopf, for over ten years. They are now leveraging that experience to build Nextjournal, to facilitate collaboration, reproducibility and reuse in science.

The big rewrite is considered a terrible mistake by many. Our experience has been different. We would like to share how Clojure sneaked in through the front(-end) door and why we ultimately decided to go full-stack, from Datomic to ClojureScript. You will learn under what circumstances a rewrite can make sense and how to minimise the risks.

We will end the meetup with an open hacking and socializing session. Bring a laptop if you like to try Clojure out right after the talks!

Doors open at 18:30, talks start at 19:00.

We want this to be an inclusive learning environment for everyone and thus follow the Berlin Code of Conduct ( If you are from a group that is under-represented in tech, please feel especially welcome!

Come join, it should be fun!

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