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A Meetup Group for Men and Women 45+ who enjoy Active Living. Great for Singles & Couples, renew fun and lively activities into your lives and meet other active enthusiastic new friends. Meet other Outdoor Enthusiasts to cycle with or walk local ravine and lakeside trails. Socialize with new like minded friends. Revel in the beauty and serenity that is within our city limits! Enhance your physical health and well-being.

Please use your first name and your last initial when you join MOCWA Group. To update your profile or the messages you receive: Click your photo at the very top of the page then click Settings.

" What is important is the relation of people to each other and the relation of people to the land."

Aldo Leopold 1878-1914

WELCOME RECREATIONAL WALKERS, CYCLISTS, PADDLERS, VOLLEYBALL & TENNIS PLAYERS, DANCERS, HIKERS, SKATERS, SNOW SHOERS AND XC SKIERS! The Philosophy of Mocwa Group is to do Outdoor Events that are about 1.5 - 2/3 hrs. long and close to home for busy people. Watch for our fun and challenging activities like kayaking, tree top trekking, Dragonboat paddling, roller blading, xc skiing, tennis, beach volleyball, dancing, bowling, snow shoeing ... Please arrive a few minutes before the posted time to allow time for parking and our friendly Meet n' Greet & to contribute a Toonie to your volunteer HOST.
Please RSVP for the events you plan to attend. As a courtesy to the event host and fellow Mocwa's please update/change your RSVP if your plans change.

The walks are sociable but steady and fairly brisk so we have a good aerobic workout, too. Amazing photo ops along the way, check out some of the photos of past events.

Level I rides are between 30 km to 45 km in length at a pace of 17-19 km/hr. along trails and roadside bike lanes, usually about 1.5 - 3 hrs. long with occasional re-grouping. Level 2 Road Rides are between 30-60km at a pace of about 19-23 km/hr. I will try to include some Leisure/Beginner Rides at a pace of about 16-18 km/hr. for about 1.5 hr that will have re-grouping and drop out locations. These Events will include Cycling Safety Tips! You must already be a fairly competent and confident rider to do all our rides with a late model well tuned bike.

All you need to join is enthusiasm, a smile, water, a well tuned bike, comfortable hiking shoes and an umbrella. And your Toonie contributuon,

A monthly movie night and Chatter/Symposium Cafe is also on the agenda, plus other fun sociable activities. Check out our past events.

Improve your conditioning or take the first step on your journey toward better health.

Improve your heart rate, reduce body fat, increase muscle mass, increase bone mass, oxygenate your blood, improve your circulatory system, limber your joints, broaden your smile, lighten your heart, appreciate nature and enjoy one on one conversation.

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! Come and enjoy the exercise and camaraderie of our group. Check out the PHOTO's. Please use your first name and last initial when you sign up.

By participating in any of our events, you agree to the Waiver: (click Pages to review at any time)

WAIVER: Mississauga/Oakville Cycle, Walk and Activities Group Release and Indemnity Agreement
Being a member or participant or any guest thereof, for any activity by the MOCWA Group releases and forever discharges its organizer or assistants from any claims, demands, damages, costs, expenses and actions or any liability or responsibility in anyway connecting to or however arising as a result of participation in any activity or event organized by this meet-up group. You agree that you are physically fit to participate in the activities and that your equipment is mechanically safe and suitable for its intended use. You also agree to heed all traffic laws and wear suitable clothing and accessories appropriate for the activities.
Icers might be useful for some of our winter walks.
Please have Helmets and a well tuned Bicycle with a bell. Lights and Gloves are also recommended. I recommend helmets & wrist guards for in-line skating. We snow shoe with poles when it snows on our local trails - this has become one of our favourite events.

Note: Posted times of events on the Calendar are the Departure Time, please arrive a few minutes early for our Meet and Greet so we can Depart on time.


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