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Raising your Vibration in the Year of 2015!

The ability to see beyond the veils may be challenging at times if you are not accustomed to the truth of reality.

These are natural abilities that will be returning to all of us who are choosing to awaken and expand our consciousness.

The purpose of “Raising Your Positive Vibration Group” is to raise the vibration of people around the world by creating opportunities to awaken to their true spiritual purpose and helps collectively transform the reality around us. We have earned the return of our spiritual gifts, welcome them!

By being part of a group like this one may help you, as you can talk about these experiences without anyone placing judgment on them. Some people have extreme fear of psychic abilities and some feel these abilities should never be discussed and should remain a secret. We are in the midst of planetary ascension. There has been a great deal of discussion about the Earth, Terra Gaia, moving into a higher dimension, therefore operates at a very different frequency! The truth is being revealed and we are returning to our divine inheritance and potential! It is time to share these experiences so we can reduce the trauma, shock and fear that occurs when people begin to experience the truth of reality.

We can’t make empowered choices until our vibration is raised. Consciousness becomes instinctive then, not forced.


Every week we will explore a specific concept to quickly advance and deepen your own personal transformation into higher levels of consciousness. By understanding and mastering energy we can unlock the secret to changing the world and ourselves.



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Yoga and Conscious Breathing in the Salt Room

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Dear Spiritual Partners, I am inviting you to practice yoga with us in the healing atmosphere of the Salt Room and to explore understanding your 7 Chakras, how they work, what they control and how to know if they are out of balance. Your Chakras represent not only particular parts of your physical body, but also particular parts of your consciousness. When there is tension or stress in a particular part of your consciousness, your coordinating Chakra is affected, thus causing physical and emotional imbalances and can lead to disease and illness. Practicing regularly yoga, breathwork, grounding meditations, Chakra opening meditations and mindfulness can help balance your Chakras. Take back your body. Help alleviate illnesses…stop them in their tracks before they grow into something big. Being in the Salt room with the healing ions of the salt, while stretching, breathing and meditating are incredible. You will really raise your Positive Vibration every time. These are specific classes that activate the energy pathways in your body and brain to bring to balance your organs, glands and Chakras. High Vibrational Yoga classes, workshops, and private sessions make people sources of light. They clean out old energy so that each person’s inner light can shine through. The cost of the class is 25$/class or 20$/class if a 10 class pass is purchased. •*•Attire WHITE top and BLACK pants. Class fee don’t expire they get passed to the next class attended. Please bring your yoga mat, water and a small blanket. Call Camelia today for a transformational session ! tel:[masked] Have a day full of Love Camelia, High Vibrational Yoga Teacher(RYT200), Camelia Teodora Moldovan is also a Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Certified Numerologist, Breathwork and Spiritual group session facilitator. Find more information at www.highvibrationalmovement.com

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Yoga and Conscious Breathing in the Salt Room

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