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This is an offshoot of the 'Sex and the City Girls - Mississauga' group which has great events & night time activities like dining, dancing & parties. https://www.meetup.com/Sex-and-the-City-Girls-Mississauga ... this is the fitness side! Still bringing together women looking for great company & friendships, while we keep ourselves fit & healthy, or those looking for fun & adrenaline.

At least 1 event per week will be held, including the staple of Skyrobics. All other sports/fitness will be considered & beginners are welcome! Women only (sorry guys!) & typical age range is 25-35 (but a bit older/younger is fine).

Activities will include but not limited to: Skyrobics, rock climbing, hiking/walking, rollerblading, yoga, bowling, tennis, golf, archery, frisbee, roller/ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, tubing, ice climbing, curling, kayaking, rafting, dodgeball, trampoline dodgeball, aquafit, go-karting, fencing, martial arts, kick boxing & weight lifting. Plus stuff like sky diving, hang gliding, horseback riding, pool/billiards, car/rally racing & getting your motorcycle license! Sports related events are also possible like going to watch UFC.

Suggested events are welcome! Come out & have fun!

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