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It's all about Data...DocumentDB, Data Analytics using Azure & Powershell

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ABSTRACT: (Speaker 1)

Developing Solutions with Azure DocumentDB

Iterating quickly and failing fast is often the mantra for greenfield projects. However, when full-scale database servers are being provisioned it can slow your dev cycle to a crawl. Microsoft Azure DocumentDB is a schema-free JSON document database designed to operate seamlessly with your code so any project can be up and running in no time.

This introductory-level session will demonstrate what DocumentDB is, how it can be configured, how to query it using the SQL-like syntax, and how to move data in. There will also be comparisons to other existing NoSQL products and examples of when it makes sense to use DocumentDB instead of traditional relational databases. By the end, you will see how cloud-based NoSQL can reduce your time to minimum viable product.


Ken Cenerelli is a programmer writer and software developer specializing in the Microsoft .NET Framework. He is active on the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) where he contributes to several blogs and on Microsoft TechNet as a technical wiki contributor. For his work in the developer community, he was selected as a Microsoft MVP. He is co-organizer of Canada's Technology Triangle .NET User Group in Kitchener and has been a technical reviewer on multiple technology books.

As a public speaker on emerging technologies, he has spoken at DevTeach (Toronto & Montreal), That Conference (Wisconsin), ConFoo (Montreal), and CloudDevelop (Ohio). He is also an avid speaker at conferences and user groups around Ontario.

He blogs regularly at ( and is on Twitter via @KenCenerelli (

ABSTRACT: (Speaker 2)

Data Analytics & Data Management Using Azure & PowerShell

· Quick introduction to Azure and PowerShell and why you should use them for data analytics and data management

· How to manage and send data queries to an Azure SQL database

· Creating HTML Reports in PowerShell

· Automation of third-party reports against a data source with PowerShell

· Manage Log Analytics (i.e. Operational Insights) data using Azure


Arlan Nugara has been a full stack developer and software architect for over 15 years at Alvarnet Corporation. He has spent most of his time working with the Microsoft technology stack and applying it to the technology needs of large corporations such as financial institutions, telecommunication and wireless equipment companies. He has a real passion for Azure (Enterprise-grade Cloud Computing Platform & Services), ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) and DevOps (i.e. collaboration, communication and automation of processes between developers and IT Pros) and is always looking for ways to work smarter and not just harder.