Lightning Talks


In a series of short sessions back to back, the members of Mississauga .NET User Group will showcase their unique talent on some of the technologies that have not been demonstrated before.

Following is the list of speakers. Each speaker will have up to 15 minutes to make a pitch:

1. Luca Gobbi:

Title: Chatbots, Serverless and AI on Azure

Abstract: How to quickly build and deploy a serverless interactive chat-bot with machine learning skills covering all the steps from allocating cloud resources, coding and deploying.

2. Dave van Herten:

Title: Hosting static sites in azure for pennies

Abstract: Static web apps are all the rage right now. Whether you are using a static site generator or building a basic react app, I'll show you how to host it in Azure for pennies each month.

3. Kumar :

Title: Spark on Azure

Abstract: This short presentation will be about how to get started with Spark on Azure Cloud, without worrying about installing software or configuring spark clusters.

4. Ehsan Eskandari:

Title: Intelligence on Azure IoT Edge

Abstract: This sessions consists of a high level overview of AI on Azure IoT Edge. The following topics will be discussed:
* What is IoT?
* Why IoT?
* Architecture of IoT solution.
* What are the challenges in IoT?
* IoT in Cloud
* Data Processing challenges
* Edge Computing
* Edge vs. Cloud