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By many business reports, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality(AR) and Mix Reality(MR) are expected to reach USD 100+ Billion by 2021. This includes software and hardware. Even if underperform too, its Billion+ $$$ market. Players like Microsoft and Magic Leap are trying to build complete echo system around AR and MR market. This makes this field very attractive for APP developers and will open up new space for APP business/startups. We see this as 3rd gold rush the last one was for APP development for mobile (Statement by Steve Jobs in 2007 iPhone Launch )

This meetup group is open to ANYONE who is interested in Augmented Reality or Mix Reality. We encourage member from all background to participate, From Hacker to Artists to Software Developers to Entrepreneurs to Gamers to Students or those who just want to learn more.

We will bring individual or company expert in this field from Microsoft to Magic Leap to Facebook to talk, discover and demonstrate, How these technologies will help Individual or Business achieving there creative, business, or career goals.

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