Global Mixed Reality Bootcamp 2019 Netherlands

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This year we are going to do it again! Global MR Bootcamp 2019. And this time we are going to make it bigger than ever! So join us and follow us closely for more information in the next few weeks. Everything about Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, XR, WebVR, WebXR, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and all related.


9u-9u30 keynote
9u40-10u20 session 1 - Dave Smits - Getting started with Azure Spatial Anchors
10u20-10u40 break
10u40-11u20 session 2 - Joost van Schaik - Mixed Reality Toolkit 2 development - and now for real
11u30-12u00 ask the experts
12u00-13u00 lunch
13u00-13u20 short session 1 - Alexander Meijers - Empower your workers with Microsoft Guides
13u30-13u50 short session 2 - Dominique Kersten - Using Web-Bluetooth to interact with your WebXR applications!
13u50-14u10 break
14u10-14u50 session 3 - Tim Hermans - Step-by-Step instrucitons for the Field Service industry
14u50-15u10 break;
15u10-15u50 session 4 - Timmy Kokke - Building a 13KB game in WebVR
16u00-17u00 community gathering

We have setup a number of experience corners. Each of the experience corners has a single device setup for you which you can try for yourself or conduct a mini workshop to become familair with the device. this can be done through the day from 10u till 17u. We have the following cool technology available for you.

Looking glass
Azure IoT kit development
Kinect for Azure

During the day we have a moodboard for your feedback on the event, user group and community. What is great, what can be improved and do you have any ideaswhich can help us further.

Want to meet attendees from all over the world who are attending at one of the other locations? Use this private link to get access to our AltSpaceVR Global Mixed Reality Bootcamp 2019 Meet up.

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