Mixed Reality User Group Evenement Oktober 2019

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17u30 – 18u30 Binnenkomst
18u00 – 18u30 Eten

18u30 – 18u40 Venue
18u40 – 19u00 MixUG Update

19u00 – 19u50 Lessons learned in inserting AR powered by Unity into IKEA’s native mobile app
A little background on Ikea’s experiment with AR– they wanted to test the power of AR, but you had to build a separate app to do it. The experiment worked so well, they wanted to insert AR into their native mobile app and the ability to use Unity as a Library (or component as you referenced it) allowed them to do this.
Level: 200
Type: Development
Spreker: Jefferson Scomacao

19u50 – 20u00 Pauze

20u00-20u50 What to do with AR UI
While AR gives us enough technical challenges already, another big issue that keeps on persisting is how to do UI in AR. In this session we’ll discuss options, look at current UI implementations, and we’ll look at recent history to see what we can learn from previous UI challenges.
Level: 100
Type: Functioneel / Development
Spreker: Hedwig Doets

20u50-21u30 Borrel