• Cashflow 101 & 102 Game Night

    Bloomington Knights of Columbus Hall

    Learn, network, and enjoy yourself with other investors at CashFlow 101 Night! Come Early and network. Networking starts at 6:30PM. If you haven't been to a game night before, don't worry because the players are nice, everyone has a good time, and everyone is more than willing to help you understand the game. But for those of you who have been joining us month after month, we have a special treat for you! This Wednesday we will be opening up one table for Cash Flow 202! The object is to get out of the rat race, see how much fun it can be! Like Kiyosaki says, “The more you play the game the richer you become. FREE for Members Non-members is $20.00 Pre-Register & More Details Here: http://www.MnREIA.com/EventsPage.aspx?ID=Cashflow-101-202-Game-Night-10-8-14-2019&evntID=10sRYZZNV7NhFYzoIr2dtMU

  • MnREIA Member Appreciation Picnic

    Needs a location

    MnREIA Member Appreciation Event 2019! You spend all year working, learning and trying to improve your skills and knowledge. The question is, how much time do you spend relaxing and getting to know your fellow MnREIA members? We believe family is important and the Members Appreciation Picnic is our way of bring the family together and having a good time getting to know your MnREIA friends and their families. And what better place to have a picnic than a Petting Zoo Farm where the kids will have a blast and the adults will be able to relax and get to know other MnREIA Members outside of a structured training environment. ***This is a Members (and Family Members) Only Picnic. Bring your spouse, significant other, kids (if applicable) and any other friends that are close to you that you want to bring with you. We will have yard games, food, beverages and farm animals that love to be petted! All you have to do is RSVP with how many people you plan on bringing so we have a rough idea of how many people to plan for. Pre-register by clicking on the link below: http://www.MnREIA.com/EventsPage.aspx?ID=MnREIA-MEMBER-APPRECIATION-PICNIC-10-8-11-2019&evntID=107Jz6DCHkfAb7CUu9kytUC

  • Apartment Investors Group with Joey Pepka


    Network with like-minded investors who own or are looking to own Apartments and other commercial properties such as office buildings, storage facilities, mobile home parks, strip malls, retail centers, even casinos. Come to learn, partner with others and/or find/lend/invest money on deals. There is a $5.00 door fee to be paid when you arrive. Pre-Register Here: http://www.MnREIA.com/EventsPage.aspx?ID=Apartment-Investors-Group-10-8-8-2019&evntID=10rV4oJojipX8x4qs8QFMw9

  • Wholesaling 101 with Mike Jacka

    Hampton Inn

    We'll cover the basics of Wholesaling, including forms/contracts, marketing and building a buyers lists. Wholesaling is the fastest way to earn a good income in real estate without needing your own cash or good credit. We'll cover the basics of wholesaling and a few advances strategies. Topics: • How to Find Deals • How to Evaluate Deals • How to Determine ARV (After Repaired Value) • How to Estimate Repairs Quickly • How to Calculate MAO (Maximum Allowable Offer)What Forms/Contracts to Use • How to properly fill out the Forms/Contracts • How to Market your Properties to Rehabbers/Landlords How to get Paid for Wholesaling your Deals Pre-Register Here! http://www.MnREIA.com/EventsPage.aspx?ID=Wholesaling-101-10-8-7-2019&evntID=10qNbyKXP69Ebm7VQuR6Q5h MnREIA Members get in for free! Non-Members must pay $99.00 per person.

  • Main Monthly Meeting - Lead Generation - Leverage Your Relationships

    Lead Generation | Leveraging Your Relationships … with Kim Burke When we are taught about lead generation, we are often presented with the same ideas: Cold call! Door knock! Send direct mailers! Post on social media ten times a day! These methods can be grueling and from my experience, ineffective. Several years ago, my mentor taught me a simple and authentic approach to growing my business and once I implemented it, the evolution of my business completely changed. Kim Burke has been in the mortgage industry for over 20 years, participating in nearly every facet of the industry. In 2014 she planted her roots in the Twin Cities real estate market and has quickly established herself as a respected, knowledgeable, and strategic mortgage consultant. She has helped over 700 families with financing and has financed over 300 investment properties. Her ability to simplify complex financing strategies, paired with her deep understanding of mortgage guidelines and nuances has served our local investor community well. In the last four years over 400 clients and associates have shared 5-star online reviews about Kim and her team! Kim has also been named a Super Mortgage Professional and Top 1% of Mortgage Originators in America, by Mortgage Executive Magazine in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Kim shared, “Entering a market where I had no contacts or connections, I knew I needed to go the extra mile to grow my business quickly. This is when I learned how to “leverage and ask” and it changed the trajectory of my business - people want to help you but we need to tell them how. I’d love for you to join me on August 6th so we can talk more about my experience in leveraging relationships by making effective asks. We all need leads and we all need relationships in this business. Let’s talk about how we can merge those two in a way that will grow your business beyond anything you could ever imagine.” Members - FREE First time guests - FREE Non members $30 Pre-register here: http://www.MnREIA.com/EventsPage.aspx?ID=Lead-Generation-|-Leverage-Your-Relationships[masked]&evntID=10noRVCQUahg9k9rQoKvuBb

  • Cashflow 101 & 202 Game Night North

    Needs a location

    Learn, network, and enjoy yourself with other investors at CashFlow 101& 202 Night! Come Early and network. Networking starts at 6:00PM. Pre-register by clicking on the link below: http://www.MnREIA.com/EventsPage.aspx?ID=Cashflow-101-202-Game-Night-North-10-7-31-2019&evntID=10pvao8bGaiUSgtbitx5M2w

  • MnREIA - W.I.R.E Focus Group! WOMEN ONLY!

    Keller Williams Eagan Office

    “The most effective way to do it, is to do it!” Amelia Earhart MnREIA is now offering a woman’s touch to real estate investing. More and more seats at the MnREIA meetings are filling with women who have decided to take charge of their future and invest in real estate! The Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association is now offering a Women’s Focus Group! This group is open to women from all backgrounds! Women who are seasoned investors Women who are brand new to investing Women who have no idea what their husbands are investing in and want to learn more about it Women who would just like to get out of the house and network This is a focus group for women only. During the meetings we will talk about current deals that you fabulous women are working on and discuss the challenges and successes you are having. It is a great place to meet others that are investing in real estate to gain insight and learn new techniques. It is a round table discussion and support group. A chance for us to build a network of our biggest cheerleaders! We will meet the 3rd Thursday of every month at the Green Mill in the Hampton Inn on 694 and Lexington at 7pm “The secret of getting ahead is getting started” Sally Berger Members: FREE Non-members: $20.00 REGISTER HERE: http://www.MnREIA.com/EventsPage.aspx?ID=W-I-R-E-Women-In-Real-Estate-10-7-25-2019&evntID=107xsPM7dNGf55TAw4xKSKM

  • Active Investors Luncheon

    Needs a location

    Focus: Experienced investors meet for lunch Monthly to network, buy, sell, and share experiences. When: Meets at 11:30 am every 4th Wednesday Where: Undisclosed location until pre-registered Leader: David Epstein Cost: $18.00 to MnREIA Members. Not open to guests. Request the application by clicking on the link below: http://www.MnREIA.com/EventsPage.aspx?ID=Active-Investors-Luncheon-10-7-24-2019&evntID=10owYXSyhy9Wd35XBsdkttb

  • Beginners In Real Estate Luncheon

    Needs a location

    You are invited to the Monthly MnREIA Beginners In Real Estate Networking Luncheon This month's topic: Working with title companies 11:30 AM on the fourth Tuesday of every month at various locations: (Must Pre-Register for each months location) Once Pre-Registered, you will receive an email with the location. Come Network with other Likeminded Real Estate Investors for Lunch. Networking is Important and so is Lunch. This event is for members only. Pre-register by clicking on the link below: http://www.MnREIA.com/EventsPage.aspx?ID=Beginners-In-Real-Estate-Luncheon-10-7-23-2019&evntID=10S4Ma96cXKnVTEkLMLXCCU

  • Property Walk Through

    Needs a location

    Walking through a property in various stages of progress can help give you an insight into the process of demolition, rehabbing, design, finishing, staging, renting and selling. The properties will be in various stages of progress: Pre/Post Demolishing Renovation Staging For Sale/Rent Some properties may be for sale on the MLS and others will be owned by MnREIA members. This is designed to be an informal, educational and networking event. This is for members only. Pre-register and find out more information by clicking on the link below: http://www.MnREIA.com/EventsPage.aspx?ID=Property-Walk-Through-10-7-17-2019&evntID=10ZkdM5M8ejwaZGzus2dCH8