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Attend Twin Cities StartupWeekend EDU (May 2nd-4th)

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Lets all attend, at a discount! Twin Cities StartupWeekend EDU will be hosted at the Carlson School of the University of Minnesota and brings together students, educators, developers, designers, and startup enthusiasts to share ideas,form teams, build edtech products or services, launch nonprofits or school programs, and other kinds of startups! Twin Cities education leaders will be available to coach teams and share their expertise, including education entrepreneurs like Don Smithmier (Sophia Learning), Todd Brekhus (Capstone Digital), Joel Donna (founder of 3Ring), Aaron Kardell (AltonaEd, Connected) and Jon Bacal (Venture Academy).

Your unique perspective and experience as leaders in the software engineering field can drive real education change. Every participant gets freebies from our sponsors and you can use the discount promo code "EDUCELERATE25" that offers 25% off the price at registration. Interested participants can register at Eventbrite:!