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Visit our GitHub page: https://github.com/MoadComputer (https://github.com/Moad_Computer)

About this group: This is a Meetup group to discuss, design and build autonomous systems such as: autonomous driving, autonomous flying, autonomous maritime. This group acts as a discussion board for real-world artificial intelligence systems.

Goal of the Meetup: A deep dive into technology solutions around building autonomous systems. Examples include: machine vision systems using deep-learning, speech-to-text interfaces, robotic systems, embedded computing, sensor integration, internet of machine learning things (IoMLT) and so many more ...

Other social-media pages:

• LinkedIn page of Moad Computer: https://www.linkedin.com/company/Moad-Computer

• Facebook page of Moad Computer: https://www.facebook.com/MOADComputer/

• Twitter page of Moad Computer: https://twitter.com/moad_computer

Ethical behavior for AI: Members are encouraged to abide by the Asilomar principles of artificial intelligence: https://futureoflife.org/ai-principles/

Technical resources and support: Interested in building artificial intelligence systems at scale, checkout: https://moad.computer for cloud and infrastructure solutions around artificial intelligence. For consultations around artificial intelligence, feel free to submit a proposal at: info@moad.computer

Legal disclaimer: By joining the Autonomous systems by Moad Computer, Meetup group you confirm that you are not a person residing in any country embargoed by the United States and/or subject to U.S. export controls or sanctions (including without limitation Iran, Cuba, Sudan, Syria and North Korea), or any other jurisdiction where the sharing of these technologies are otherwise prohibited, licensed, restricted or taxed by applicable federal, state, territorial, provincial or local laws, rules or regulations and any other country designated by the United States Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control. The members of the Autonomous systems by Moad Computer, Meetup group agree to abide by any United States export control laws regarding the technologies and strategies described and discussed in this group. The organizers of the Autonomous systems by Moad Computer, Meetup group are not liable for any attempts by the members to circumvent those laws.

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