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Global Day of Mob-Retreat 2020

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Harald R. and Fabs


Mob Programming explanation (3 min) by Amitai Schleier:

πŸ’‘ The idea of a Mob-Retreat is to experiment with different styles of Mob-Programming. There will be several rounds in which we try to understand the pros and cons of stricter or looser collaboration patterns.

βœ… Everybody is welcome, no matter if you tried mob-programming before or are curious trying it for the first time. Also, it doesn't matter if you are already programming for decades or just getting started. Understanding the basic principles of any programming languages will be enough. Usually, there is a good mixture of experience levels in each mob.

This will be the Austrian event, there will be several events around the globe (Germany, USA, Asia, etc.) sharing the same goal. Feel free to join any event from anywhere :)
Find out about other events here:

πŸ•˜ We will start at 9 am, in case you need to sync with your family the lunch break will be from 12.30 till 13.15.

Software development is a team sport and mob-programming can be one way to improve team collaboration and reduce waste.

Does mob-programming make sense in every context? We don't know, but it works very well for some, there are companies doing it (one already for 7 years) and it is definitely interesting to try and figure out in which scenarios it can be applied well.

➑️ Join the event and help us creating a mob-programming community.

P.S. For this event the idea is to stick to the event format used in the other Mob-Retreats of the GDMR, which means it will be a full day event mob-programming on a Code Kata and experiment with different styles of mob-programming.

The first Meetup in the original format will be afterward, probably some evening in August/September.

πŸ‘‰ Looking for sponsors
If you or your employer would like to support us covering subscription fees or (future) cloud computing costs please reach out to us.
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