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Hello Everyone,

first of all, glad to meet you all virtually.

I am currently building about 30 mobile apps both on Android and iOS (obj C and Swift) scheduled to release by April of next year with a team of 12 people.

I would like to hear from all of you as to what you want to do and what help you may need from this group.

To start with let us all introduce ourselves here so we get to know each other.

For people who are building games, and looking at Revenue from ads, I have a few thoughts and ideas that can benefit everyone.

About me - I used to head the Mobile Division at Synechron Inc., in New York as a Director and have come back to India couple of months ago. I have 17 years experience in the industry working in the USA, Europe and China in the past.

Currently I am the Co-Founder of Nanite Solutions through which we are building the mobile apps.

We faced interesting problems and challenges while building apps and I am sure you all did too. It will be mutually beneficial for all of us to solve each others problems and build faster.

Until we all meet in person, let us introduce ourselves here and get to know more!

Praveen Kumar

Co-founder, Nanite Solutions



Are you a startup? Do you build mobile apps? Are you android or iOS programmers? A company of 3-30 people? Have ideas? Want ideas? Need help? Can help? Want to know about funding? Want to share about funding? All the above are welcome! Please join and help! Or join and get help!

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