Azure DevOps: Let's see why it's a great news for the open source dev community

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Mobile Meetup Oslo
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Hello, dear developers!

September 10th Microsoft announced Azure DevOps - a set of modern dev services for you to plan smarter, collaborate better, and ship faster. Let's meet and check what does Azure DevOps bring to the developer community. We'll focus on the benefits for open source projects.

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Our sponsors
- Microsoft: Azure DevOps swag: t-shirts and stickers + Azure Pass to raffle.
- Redgate: swag + SQL Prompt license to raffle.


17:00 Opening the doors. Come and grab your t-shirt and stickers!

17:30 Safeguarding your projects with Azure DevOps
by Tommy Gundersen, Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft Norway

Safeguarding your open source projects with proper CI/CD pipelines should be as free and simple as checking in code and merging pull requests on GitHub. With Azure DevOps it is. It's free, and it's simple.

Azure DevOps captures over 15 years of investment and learnings in providing tools to support software development teams. Come to see how Azure DevOps supports your DevOps cycle from your first lines of code to production, in any language, on any platform, on any cloud. We'll go through the whole cycle from draft/planning, checking in the initial code on GitHub, building, updating our artifacts repo, automatically run feature branch builds and tests on pull requests, merging, and deploy the changes we've made, and test again. We'll also make sure our branch policies are so robust, that we’ll never allow garbage onto our master again!

18:00 DevOps for Any Language
by Abel Wang, Sr Cloud Developer Advocate, DevOps #LoECDA at Microsoft

DevOps is the union of people, process and our products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users. This is ridiculously important in our world today but is very difficult to do right. Come see how to implement Zero to DevOps for any language, any platform with the Microsoft Stack. This talk features many stories, real world successes as well as many fast paced demos using C#, Java, Node, Containers etc.


Azure DevOps for open source projects: FREE unlimited users and build time

- Azure Pipelines: 10 parallel jobs with unlimited minutes for CI/CD.
Build, test, and deploy in any language, to any cloud—or on-premises. Run in parallel on Linux, macOS, and Windows, and deploy containers to individual hosts or Kubernetes.

- Azure Repos: Unlimited, cloud-hosted public Git repos
Unlimited, cloud-hosted private Git repos for your project

- Azure Boards: Work item tracking and Kanban boards

See you in Teknologihuset!