• Mobile Romandie Summer Burger

    Etoile Blanche

    Not having a talk isn't a reason to not meet :) Hence I propose a lunch on Tuesday 23.07 at l'Etoile Blanche (Lausanne). Timing: be there between 12-12h15 max Pricing: each one pays his/her share Topic: have fun together, discussing and trolling on Google and Apple latest gossips :D /!\ Please answer before the 16.07 (and be sure to be there) so I can book the place in advance. Hopefully the sun is there, so we get on the terrace!

  • Flutter (MRB #19)


    To be announced soon :)

  • LeShop.ch — E-commerce challenges (MRB #20)

    - Speaker: Álvaro Hernández Prieto, Product Owner Mobile Solutions at LeShop.ch. With a phD in Nuclear physics, Alvaro switched from the research world to the private companies, starting at Nanolive, an EPFL start-up, where he developed together with his colleagues, a revolutionary tomographic microscope. Then he jumped into the Apps business by joining LeShop, where he is the Product Wwner for the App of the leading online supermarket in Switzerland. - Talk (in English or French depending on audience) Álvaro will present the mobile of LeShop and explain how they solved groceries' e-commerce challenges (incl. navigation, logistics).