Mobile Warsaw #8

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18:30 - Opening

18:45 - Igor Sawczuk

19:30 - Break

19:45 - Berni Kobos - Functional testing made awesome with Appium

20:30 - Networking


Igor Sawczuk


Igor studied IT at the Warsaw University of Technology. Failed loudly his first mobile dev startup. Currently focusing on delivering right tools for developers.


About a 2 years ago I've started research on mobile applications reverse engineering. Trying to solve mystery how great teams design architecture of their applications. Reading someones code is like reading a book, many of them though forgot about post-production procedures. How to protect your application from reverse engeneeirs. Is it even possible? We will see some common examples of total fail and only few examples how to do it right.


Berni Kobos - Functional testing made awesome with Appium


I started creating first programs during primary school being inspired by older brothers' IT class home assignments. During years I developed bigger and smaller applications in various programming languages, both as a professional assignments and personal pet projects. I started my professional career by winning a programming competition organized by vehicle tracking company at the collage. I was a lead developer on some startups that turned out to be a huge success in Poland ( ( is now number one survey system in Poland). I was also a lead front-end developer who created a ‘virtual assessment center’ system for one of the biggest Polish telecom companies. Not being satisfied with innovativeness of the tasks, I started applying for fully remote positions at startup companies to work on cutting edge projects which could better utilize my skill set. Currently I'm working in a test-centered company that strongly believes in automated testing solutions. We provide infrastructure and work on making testing more accessible for every developer. I've been contributing to open source projects such as: WD.js, Selenium Builder and Appium.


Mobile market is becoming more and more important and is accelerating continuously. We're starting to heavily rely on mobile applications during our everyday life and some people even them as a replacement of personal computers. Mobile first is becoming reality. It is really easy to discourage the user if your mobile application is not behaving the way he expects.
At the same time some of the application stores make the app submitting process a long procedure. This means that even when you fix the spotted bug you can't improve user experience immediately because of the constraints. This makes testing even more important in the mobile applications world.
Appium is a new approach for mobile testing with only one goal in mind - improve the experience of people who test and create software (Developer UX). It was created as an Open Source project from the start in a completely transistent manner. Appium allows you to use almost any language with your favorite tools and testing frameworks. It lets you easily integrate functional testing into your existing or future continuous integration system.



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