iOS TDD Workshop @ Gdańsk

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We're very pleased to announce that we'll be giving our iOS TDD Workshop in Gdansk!

The workshop will consist of 8 hours of workshops mixed with lectures (and a bit of lunch break sprinkled over). We'll be covering basic TDD knowledge - how to test, what to test and which tools we consider to be the best solution available right now.

Prerequisites for attendance:

• Mac with latest developer tools installed - Xcode 6.x with iOS 8.x. Don't worry if you have any iDacted betas installed.

• Knowledge of Objective C and generic iOS knowledge - you don't have to be an iOS ninja, but we do require basic knowledge and understanding of how the OS works

• AppCode - we consider AppCode to be an essential tool when it comes to TDDing iOS apps. If you don't have license purchased you can use trial version which is available for download from JetBrains website

• Humor and hunger for knowledge!

Covered topics:

• Introduction to tests and testing framework: You'll learn what are tests, what's the structure of a typical test and how they work. You'll see how TDD works and what are its benefits. And finally you'll learn about available tools when it comes to TDD in ObjC and you'll write your very own first test!

• Extract for Red Green Refactor: Short and sweet session about the most fundamental technique used in TDD. After quick introduction the technique is going to be illustrated with a real life example, live on stage. In addition, you will get chance to practice it with an assistance of experienced iOS team.

• Testing techniques: During series of exercises you will learn about different types of tests and how to use them. You will practice using double objects like mocks, stubs and fakes. All of that while writing your first test driven feature in real application.

• How to work with legacy code effectively: You'll learn how to identify internal and external dependencies and you'll learn how to apply that knowledge to write test your legacy code and then refactor it.

Cost: We're asking you for a small fee of 50 PLN w/o tax (61.50 PLN including tax) to cover transportation and accommodation cost for mentors. You have to confirm your attendance by signing up here for this meetup and by transferring aforementioned fee to:
[masked] [masked]

MCE-MEETLAB Sp. z o.o. Osowska 23/[masked] Warszawa

Deadline for signing up is on 20th January 2015. Invoices can be provided if necessary.

Event will be held in Polish.

Workshop is sponsored by Schibsted Tech Polska (