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MCE Meetup Night 2016

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Pawel Bartlomiej D.


We're super excited and honoured to be participating in this years edition of MCE ( meetup night event! As last year we'll host two speakers, one from the iOS world and one from the Android world! Scroll down for details!

As usual, there'll be free beverages and many fellow developers to enjoy them with!

After the talks we are moving to Znajomi Znajomych for drinks at the official before party! We hope you can all join us.

18:45 - 19:15

Marin Todorov

Building reactive apps with Realm

In this talk we're going to look into few of the aspects of building a reactive app. It's pretty easy to keep the UI responsive and the architecture decoupled by leaving Realm do the heavy lifting of getting data in and out and notifying all parts of the app that need to know about changes to your model.

Marin Todorov will show few techniques (by the power of live coding) about implementing a reactive architecture in your app with the help of Realm.


Scott Alexander-Bown

Tips and tricks to secure your Android app

The recent rash of breaches and security alerts has heightened everyone's attention and raised the priority level of security: finally, it has become a must-have instead of a should-have requirement in mobile app development

This talk will cover current Android app threats and look at how with freely available tools we can easily reverse engineer an Android app. We’ll cover enhanced SSL validation, encryption, tamper protection and advanced obfuscation techniques. We will also focus on leveraging open source commercially viable libraries allowing us to increase our app’s security with minimal effort.


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Hoża 76/78, IVp. · Warsaw
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