Mobile Warsaw #55

Mobile Warsaw
Mobile Warsaw
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Kawiarnia Crux

Hoża 51, 00-681 · Warszawa

How to find us

Upstairs! Look for Mobile Warsaw signs!

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We're more than happy to invite you to the November edition of Mobile Warsaw meetup. We'll be meeting in our usual spot of Crux cafe, make sure you arrive at the right place!


Jan Gonera

Android enthusiast who loves trying out new stuff and poking around the existing solutions and implementations. Because, what can possibly go wrong?

Practical, testable interpretation of Model View Presenter on Android

There is a lot of theory online about Android application architectures for like MVP, MVVM, MVC. It's easy to find samples, diagrams and articles, but you want a library which would take care of the boiler plate, the Internet suddenly goes quiet. Let me guide you through our testable implementation of the MVP, and the corresponding library.

Marcin Krzyżanowski

The creator of CryptoSwift and ObjectivePGP. Currently working on pdfviewerapp at PSPDFKit. He is also the creator of PGP Messenger app.

Swifterus petformatum laborea, or just Swift Performance

What makes Swift fast, and what makes Swift slow in runtime.




Scandit is a startup from Zurich and San Francisco and has just opened an office in Warsaw. They make the technology that is used on more than 75 million mobile phones to scan barcodes.


Eager to give a talk or a flash talk? Please let us know! Write at [masked]

As always, there'll be free beverages and lots of fellow developers to enjoy them with!