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Mobile Warsaw #58

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Pawel Bartlomiej D. and 4 others


We're more than happy to invite you to the February edition of Mobile Warsaw meetup, which is, surprisingly enough, taking place in March! We'll be meeting in our usual spot of Crux cafe, make sure you arrive at the right place!



# Marcin Moskala

Author of "Android Development with Kotlin" and Kotlin evangelist. Passionate about work and open-source. Autor of ActivityStarter library.

# Superpowers of Kotlin delegation

Delegation is one of the most inconspicuous Kotlin features. Property delegation is still pretty new feature in the programming world and most developers still use only small amount of possibilities it provides. On the other hand, class delegation is known for decades and it was promoted by big authorities. All it needed was language support, which was introduced in Kotlin. On this session, we are going to dive into possibilities that Kotlin delegation gives. Let's discover this features and understand its superpowers.


# Adrian Kashivskyy

Having started iOS development back when iOS didn’t have wallpapers, Adrian quickly became the platform’s enthusiast. Currently working as a senior engineer in Netguru, he’s a fan of reactive programming, testing and helping others to learn those topics.

# Generating test cases with SwiftCheck

In his talk, Adrian will introduce the idea of property-based testing using SwiftCheck framework and will demonstrate how to make your tests find edge cases for you.




Scandit is a startup from Zurich and San Francisco and has just opened an office in Warsaw. They make the technology that is used on more than 75 million mobile phones to scan barcodes.


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MCE 2018

June 5-6, 2018 Warsaw
Kinoteka, Palace of Culture and Science

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Eager to give a talk or a flash talk? Please let us know! Write at

As always, there'll be free beverages and lots of fellow developers to enjoy them with!
Kawiarnia Crux
Hoża 51, 00-681 · Warszawa
How to find us

Upstairs! Look for Mobile Warsaw signs!

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