What we're about

Why this Meetup is totally different?

My name is Onur Ibrahim and I am a marketing author, speaker, trainer and practitioner. www.onuribrahim.com. I created this group to help people learn and share information about how to promote their businesses, products and profiles properly. This group is designed to empower you and your business to harness all new media channels, whether you will use it for sales, marketing, personal branding or pleasure. It is focused on sharing, discussing and learning what is working and keeping it people focussed.

What happens during the Meetup?

During our regular meetings you will learn about the newest social communication and mobile strategies, meet with industry experts and make friends. As a part of the meet up you can submit yourself to be reviewed and your online presence and current social media presence will be assessed, and recommendations made from the group. As the profile of the month, you will get a clear roadmap and a list of changes you should implement to grow your business and profile.

Who is this Meetup for?

The Group is for both newbie’s and experts, small and large business owners, advertsing agencies and anyone interested in people first marketing.

All members believe that great copy and storytelling creates conversions. Social media is the best 2 way publishing method for individuals and also one of the best marketing channels available to us today.

If you love Growth Hacking, Paid media, Social Media, Copywriting tactics. Sales page writing. E-mail writing. Video sales letter writing.

Bada bing bada boom.

P.S. we also have an Facebook Mastermind group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/strategydigital/ (https://www.meetup.com/Mobile-social-marketing/)

What is our Twitter #hashtag?

Please use #StrategyDigital to engage with other meetup members on Twitter and please connect with me on twitter with my ID @StrategyDigital

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FREE Webinar: How to get started with Amazon Wholesale

Needs a location


𝗦𝗔𝗩𝗘 £10 by registering through the Scaleforetail Livestorm page:

Have you ever considered selling branded goods through Amazon?

If you're not already selling on Amazon it can be a great way to get started quickly.

Have you thought about how wholesale selling could fit alongside selling your own brand's products on Amazon?

Join us on the 19th May to learn more!

Eamonn McCaffrey is going to demystify this frequently overlooked aspect of selling on Amazon and explain:

  • What "wholesale" means on Amazon and why it should interest you
  • How to find suppliers and decide what brands to sell
  • How to analyse products and create shortlists
  • What tools you need to make your wholesale business buzz
  • How to prioritise and work through a process to get started
  • His best tips/tricks to make wholesale work for you

Eamonn is a seven-figure wholesale seller and Amazon business coach. During the webinar he will share why he loves wholesale and how he searches for deals.

Wholesale is about being nimble, finding the right products, doing deals with suppliers and sourcing products customers want. It can be a lot of fun!

How does wholesale compare to running your own (private label) brand on Amazon?

  • no need for ranking strategies (you pick products that already rank)
  • no need for reviews or giveaways (you pick products that already sell)
  • no need to drive traffic from outside Amazon to your listings (you already have traffic)
  • you just need to know your numbers and price competitively to win the buy box

Sound intriguing? Join us to find out more - free of charge.

Grab your ticket today, then join us live and watch the replay at your convenience.

Webinar presented by Eamonn McCaffrey from iGEN and hosted by Shelley Simone and Christian Morgan from ScaleForEtail. Content is the responsibility of the speaker and subject to change.

This event is free and a full replay will also be available to everybody that registers. There's no time like the present, so register today!

See you there!

The ScaleForEtail Team
Christian and Shelley

Register now through this link:

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FREE Webinar: The Power of Pinterest

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