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Automated UI Testing on iOS and Android devices with Appium

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At Artisan we are using Appium, an open-source tool for automated UI testing of native mobile applications. Appium offers many benefits over other automation and integration testing tools for native mobile apps: you can write your tests in any of your favorite languages and testing frameworks and use it for both iOS and Android. Audrey will provide a demonstration of Appium and some tips for getting started with your own automated UI testing for native apps.

Audrey Troutt@auditty
Audrey is a software developer at Artisan Mobile building the world's first mobile experience management platform ( ( In a fast moving space, automation is key; Audrey built the automated test suite for Artisan that surfaces defects as soon as they are introduced and allows us to keep moving forward. In addition to being a polyglot programmer and full-stack developer with seven years of experience, Audrey is passionate about testing, automation and continuous improvement.

417 North 8th Street Philadelphia PA 19123 · Philadelphia, PA