#2 Mobilise - Twitter Flock, Memory dump and Efficiency.

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Hi guys,

I'm really happy to be back in London with a second Mobilise Meetup (http://www.meetup.com/Mobilise/events/221994785/). We're going to have the pleasure of welcoming three new speakers:

• Making the memory dump a powerful development tool by Erik Andre (https://techblog.badoo.com) - Badoo

"Memory dumps can be a very powerful tool for application developers because it provides detailed information about the current application state at when an error has just occurred.

I’m sure most of us have experience working with memory dumps to solve one very specific type of problem: finding the cause of OutOfMemoryErrors."

• Fabric: Twitter's Mobile Development Platform by Andy Piper (https://twitter.com/andypiper) - Twitter

• Improve efficiency by focusing on the big picture by Sergio Tomas (https://twitter.com/Disruption?lang=fr) - Badoo

"Taking on a task and solving it efficiently is a problem developers face continuously. The bigger the task, the more important it is, as it can make the difference between on time and late, depending on decisions taken in the process. I will share my experience with you and give you some tips and tricks".

As usual, your friends and colleagues are very welcome to join us but don't forget to update your RSVP ;-)

See you soon and enjoy the sun in London!

Kelly - @ktkellytran (https://twitter.com/KtKellyTran)