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What is Mocha Readers?: Mocha Readers is a monthly book club that focuses on exploring the black experience through books (fiction and non-fiction). We primarily read works written by African-American authors featuring African-American characters. We are a group of people who love to read, and are looking for a nice, warm, inviting place where we can discuss books and socialize.

What Type of Books Do You Read?: As stated above most of our books have been written by African-American author and feature African-American characters. We read both fiction and non-fiction books. We read 1 non-fiction book for every 2 fiction books. There is no preferred genre, in fact we try to select books from a wide range of genres.

What Are Monthly Themes?: Each month we try to come up with a list of books that fit a set of "themes" in order to encourage diversity in our reading selections. Past "themes" have included Science Fiction, Satire, Caribbean Writers, and Memiors.

Are There Any Rules?: Every group has rules, ours are below.

• Membership is limited to 50 members at any given time. All new members will have to be approved when there is a slot available.

• Members must attend at least 1 meeting within the first 90 days of joining Mocha Readers

• Members will be required to attend at least 3 meetings in a 12 month period.

• Members inactive on the group website for longer than 6 months will be removed.

• No Show Policy - Members are removed from the group is they have 3 NO SHOWS in a row.

• Snow Bird Rule: There are several members that are "Snow Birds" and only in the South Florida area for select times during the year. Please feel free to join and mark yes under the snow bird question.

Do You Have To Be Black To Join?: No. While our membership is mostly African-American, you don't have to be African-American to join. All that we ask is that you have an open mind and enjoy reading.

Do You Have To Be Female To Join?: Yes.

What Day and Time Do You Meet: Meetings will be held on the second Saturday of each month at 2:00pm.

Where are Meeting Held?: Meetings are held at Alaska Coffee Roasting Company in North Miami.

Are There Membership Dues?: No. As of now there are no fee associated with joining this group. If you would like you can donate funds to help with the cost assoicated with hosting on the meetup website.

Can I Advertise My Book In This Group?: We have several members that are authors. While I don't mind members mentioning that they have written a book during meetings, please refrain from posting direct links to your book in comment sections or on the site.

Past events (75)

February 2018: Becoming By Michelle Obama

Alaska Coffee Roasting Company

January 2019: The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman

Alaska Coffee Roasting Company

March 2018: The Wedding by Dorothy West

Alaska Coffee Roasting Company

February 2018: My Life, My Love, My Legacy

Alaska Coffee Roasting Company

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