What we're about

I’ve recently taken over as organizer of this meetup, which seems to have been dormant since 2016. I’d like to restart monthly meetings in person, with meetings held outdoors for now, moving indoors only if it rains.

With regard to myself, I post as Mindful Moderate on Twitter. Some of my favorite political web sites are Persuasion, The Bulwark and Areo.

The range of views I see as fitting under the moderate label run from moderate Democrats (as opposed to "progressives") through independents to anti-Trump Republicans. The goal would be to consider ideas in a pragmatic and nuanced way.

Each meetup will be to have a topic to kick off discussion, but discussion would then range as widely as the participants wish. Initial topics could include:

November 2022 election
"Culture war" issues

I hope to see you at a meetup!

-- Rick Heller