What we're about

This is a group for startup founders (or want to become one), freelancers, solopreneurs, digital marketers, investors, and small business owners.

I’m starting this group to bring together individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, to discuss, strategize, learn, and inform about:

-The new era of business ahead (2020)

-Debunking or validating popular marketing, business growth, sales, etc. myths and dogma

-Unique ideas or strategies that you’ve either tried or would be curious to test out (either you or someone else in the group willing to test it)

-Current challenges we face and using critical thinking and experiments to come up with practical solutions or new breakthroughs

While it may sound new wave / tech dependent, veterans & traditionalists are key to this group too. The ideal group would have discussions around timeless fundamentals, new strategies, and then blending the two together. “Best way to learn about the future is learning about history” as the saying goes.

The events will vary depending on the topic of that event, so a mix of a ‘think tank’ but an organized outline dedicated to sharing high-value and concise insights. At least a 20% block of time dedicated to rapid fire research & case study from members of the group.

That way there’s always guaranteed value, and then it opens it up to discuss and expand on the most interesting and relevant topics decided by the group.

At the very core, it’s about learning, preparation, and growth.

Over time, you’ll be part of a familiar group you can trust to challenge your own thinking, ideas you know are backed by thoughtful discussion, which will help everyone make decisive/informed business decisions.

What I’ll bring to each meetup is results from the experiments I‘ve been running every week around revenue generation tactics and strategies for the last 4 years (digital marketing) + research.

That said, this group is yours just as much as it is mine, so we’ll come up with a format that makes this a group you look forward to being in and glad you took a chance on.

Arizona has a lot of untapped potential and we can make this a big decade.

Hope to meet you soon!

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