Introducing Modern Masters--Meet & Greet!

Needs a location


Introducing the Modern Masters Network:
We'll be talking about the Modern Masters Project and introducing people to the existing platform and our goals for the future.

Meeting Each Other and Sharing Stories:
We'll also be sharing some of the stories that have led us to this path of magickal work and manifestation. We're looking forward to meeting you and hearing about your experiences.

Exploring Ways We Can Work Magic Together:
Modern Masters Gatherings are meant to be safe places where all approaches to magick and spiritual work are respected. We know we can do great things if we develop ways to work together, and we're excited to mingle with like-minded people.

Please don't hesitate to visit our website to read more about the Project:

Please join us and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We'll post more specifics about the location for this first gathering soon!