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Modern-Day Meditation®

Meditate: Open your heart, body and mind, Calm yourself, Think clearly and access answers for your life, and change in the ways you want to! Use the Modern-Day Meditation to help you evolve spiritually or to improve the quality of your material life. The Modern Day Meditation is a place to learn techniques to release and let go of pent up emotions and tensions, to find calm, to think clearly from your higher intelligence, and to receive solutions to life's challenges.

Most importantly, you will learn to trust your own ability to access the Source of Love, and to find the feelings of love, peace and fulfillment which every human being longs for.

This is a four-part meditation for spiritual and material well-being: 1.) Open your heart to the source of love within. 2.)Calm your mind, senses and emotions. 3.)Think clearly and find the answers you need. 4.) Act powerfully to improve your life.

Deepen your spiritual connection - Expand and awaken your consciousness - Release stress and negativity - Access the qualities you need to achieve your spiritual and material goals - Connect deeply to Divine Presence within.

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