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Anyone who is interested in self-development, advanced spiritual training, Mystery School teachings, King Salomon ancient lineage training, meditation and the opportunity to evolve with a community of like-minded individuals...

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Beltane Ceremony and Meditation

The Modern Mystery School Europe


Beltane is considered a solar celebration in the Ancient Wiccan Tradition. Halfway between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, Beltane marks the power of Spring at its greatest heights. The abundance in earth begins to show during this magickal time of year in plants, flowers, trees, and relationships. Beltane was also a very magickal time when the nature spirits were most easily seen and were said to bless us with the abundance that we seek . This ceremony honors the life around us, where mother earth is in its peak of fertility. Beltane honors the suns return to nurture the emerging harvest of earth including our own lives.This is a period of time where your desires to manifest hopes, dreams, and aspirations are at their highest! Join us for this powerful Meditation and Ceremony!

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The Modern Mystery School Europe

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