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Join our friendly community if you are interested, willing to learn and support each other to give the best future for our children.

* You are going to be our ideal member, if you're ready to learn from other parents and share tips and ideas with others too.
* Why should you join? Because it is a great adventure to learn more, to challenge our skills or to have fun with other parents, who undersand you exactly, because they've gone (or going) through on exactly the same thing.
* What can you expect out of the Group as a member? Activities, such as personal and online meetings, discussions.

Modern Parents Meetup delivers an actively involved audience of parents and educators in every stage of life. Whether you are expecting parents, empty-nesters, or everything in between, Modern Parents Meetup delivers you the support you need.

Want to see the sweetest video that encapsulates Modern Parenting in 2 minutes??? It could have been a video specifically made for The Modern Parents - I love it so much!!!



Looking forward to welcome you personally in our Meetup group or if you'd like to just keep in touch:


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How does Conscious Parenting work?

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Are You Interested in: http://youtu.be/8H2l2CHLHwI http://youtu.be/8H2l2CHLHwI

Laugh your way to a better marriage from Tale of Two Brains Full Seminar

Hmmmmmm, interesting fun: https://youtu.be/DUNaZinoH_0 Are you currently married or ever plan to do so? (:o) Have you seen this, if so: what did you take away from this pilot? LoL Let's discuss the practical implementations..

What Montessori is really about?

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Are you Interested in understanding an alternative way of raising kids? Come and join our discussion about using the Montessori method in the XXI century to optimize our kid's future.

How Hard Is It Being a Wife and Mom?



Are You Interested in discussing the following topic about being a mum: https://youtu.be/0Z5Eqjqzvw0

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The Hidden Cost of Parenting



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