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Modern Spiritual Living in Denver will help you reinvent your life with unique insights to life purpose, angels, intuition, life after death, spiritual sensitivity, spiritual values, and more.

Do you consider yourself “spiritual but not religious?” You probably have an inner sense for being an eternal spiritual soul, but have difficulty relating to traditional religious beliefs. A “spiritual but not religious”person typically knows what they do not want (religion), but have a difficult time putting into words what they truly believe. Does this describe you?

This is a great time to be alive on Planet Earth. There is exciting, progressive change happening everywhere.

Join our group and meet other like minded spiritual people. Modern Spiritual Living can assist in your journey.

The time is right to start:

• Trusting your hunches and experience spiritual living

• Find a few moments each day for simple meditation

• Become more alert to your Inner Guidance/Angels

• Discovering your True Life Purpose

Everyone has great spiritual potential and can unfold their innate sensitivity. This process is easier when there is an organized path and other people to share with. Meet other local people who are interested in sharing their experiences and learning practical techniques for spiritual daily living.

We will have several different types of meetings:

• Informal fellowship sharings

• Focused meetings of specific topics such as How to trust your hunches. Meditation made simple, Aura rejuvenation and healing, Karma, Reincarnation, Angels in our lives, Colors and the aura Psychic Sensitivity and more...

I have a weekly email newsletter that explains various spiritual topics and meditations. Visit my website to sign up: www.ModernSpiritualLiving.com (http://www.modernspiritualliving.com/)

I look forward to meeting and sharing with you.

Roger Ringo

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Mindful Extra Sensory Perception Secrets Revealed – Denver

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Join Diana and Roger Ringo as they share with you recently discovered insights into Mindful Extra Sensory Perception (ESP). They will have a profound impact on your life. ESP has only been partially understood through the ages. Now is the time for greater truth. The four types of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) are cutting edge breakthrough secrets that can take the mystery out of your relationships. Do you know the real reason why you are different? This workshop will share answers. There are actually TWO parts to your Extra Sensory Perception. Come and learn more about them and resolve common relationship problems. What you will also learn: * How Psychic Sensitivity, 6th Sense, and Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) are similar. * Ways you innately use ESP each day. Also, the importance of relaxation and trust. Common myths will be explained. * What does it mean to be Prophetic and trust your inner knowing? * What does it mean to be Visionary and see the aura? * What does it mean to be Intuitive and be factual with people? * What does it mean to be Feeling and be an empath? * Learn no fewer than Four Techniques where you will experience psychic sensitivity. See the aura. Experience Psychometry. Learn how to block negativity. * Additional topics of Angels, Life After Death, Cycles of Life, and Soul Essence will complement your learning. This workshop is my most popular because the insights help attendees gain deeper insights into themselves and others. Learn MORE and REGISTER NOW: https://www.modernspiritualliving.com/event/esp-technique-seminar/ Call for information: 877/[masked] Or visit: https://www.modernspiritualliving.com/events/ Roger Ringo

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