What we're about

Do you find yourself wondering what it takes to make your own video games?

Do you make games as a hobby and would like to find others to share your passions with?

Are you curious about new technologies powering the cutting edge that defines this new interactive medium?

From the simply curious to the professional, the Mohawk Valley IGDA is a place where passion can find a friend and have questions answered.

Here are some resources and activities that I hope we to focus on:

• Development tools and how to use them. This includes game engines and support technologies such as version control, asset creation tools, and IDE's.

• The process by which interactive experiences are developed. This includes team methodologies, defining game systems, communicating a vision through said systems, and the arduous task of finding fun.

• Academic analysis and general appreciation of landmark games and innovations.

• Sharing projects and progress while delving into research about ideas both as a whole as well as helping one another on an individual basis.

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