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Satsang: Kamashastra and Karmamudra
The practice of jnanamudra and karmamudra is an essential, but previously secret, element of Tibetan tantra. In this rigorous approach to incorporating sexual energy in spiritual practice, sexuality becomes the great transformer of those patterns that undermine true freedom. Learn more about the connection between the ancient texts of sexual pleasure (kamashastra) and the spiritual form of jnanamudra and karmamudra. Art: a selection from an edition of the kamasutra. What is a Satsang? Get all your questions answered here:

Mokṣa Tantra Center

9414 Roosevelt Way NE · Seattle, WA

What we're about

Moksha Tantra is a welcoming and respectful environment for all those seeking to explore an embodied spirituality of personal freedom.

Important! Tantra is often thought of as a vehicle for sexuality, and sexuality is embraced as a crucial part of embodied spirituality. But "respectful" means respecting the others of this group. Unsolicited requests for dates, hookups, or "private tantric teaching" to other members of this group is both crass and unwelcome. We will ban you for this behavior! Gentlemen, as much as it pains me to say this, I'm talking to you.


Come! Explore the intersection of the spiritual and the sensual in an environment that welcomes all - all genders and gender identifications, all sexual orientations, all ethnic backgrounds, all religious traditions (or lack thereof). We are interested in the richest and truest experience of human experience - including sexuality and intimacy.

Our primary event is our Saturday Morning Satsang, and we have regular evening workshops, community events, and occasional weekend workshops as well.

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